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Sand Pond Craft Shop
Located near the peaceful shores of the Tacoma Lakes in Monmouth, Maine, Sand Pond Craft Shop produces wooden games, jewelry and greeting cards.
Some of our products are available for sale online as well at select craft fairs throughout southern Maine.
Craft Shows where we'll be selling games in 2014

April 13 - Ramada Inn - Lewiston Greater Androscoggin Humane Society Benefit - Thank you!

August 23 - Kennebunkport Village  Green- Society of Southern Maine Craftsmen - Thank you!

September 6 - Smiling Hill Farm - Westbrook - United Maine Craftsmen

October 11 & 12 - Boothbay Railway Village

November 1 & 2 - McAuley High School - Portland -Society of Southern Maine Craftsmen

November 8 & 9 - Augusta Civic Center -  United Maine Craftsmen

November 15 & 16 - Brunswick High School - Brunswick Hockey Boosters

November 28 & 29 - Scarborough High School - Society of Southern Maine Craftsmen

December 6 & 7 - Sullivan Gym - Portland - United Maine Craftsmen

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If you are ordering more than one game at the same time then please contact us and we'll discount shipping!
NEW FOR 2014
Can't Quit Now
Your task -
Capture any 3 columns
On each turn, you have a choice to keep going and risk everything, or quit while you’re ahead and stay put. Do you give in or QUIT NOW!
Price: $22.95 + $7.50 shipping
Order form coming soon. Send email to order.


Q'em Up®

As players alternately place their disks on the board, the object is to line up your color from one side of the board to the other.  But watch out - if your disk gets between two of your opponents disks, they get flipped over and become his/her disk.There will always be a winner - no ties in this game!

2 players
Ages 6+

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 Price: $22.95 + $7.50 shipping

Inside The Box®

As a child, or with your child, have you ever played the game where you line a lot of dots on a paper, then each take a turn to connect the dots? And when you make a square, you claim that square by putting your initial in it. Well now you can enjoy that game without the hassle of making all of those dots. Put up the fences for the lines, and when you've made a square then place your color disk in it. There will always be a winner - no ties in this game!

2 players
Ages 6+

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Price: $22.95 + $7.50 shipping


CINQUINA® is a game based on QUIXO® created by Thierry Chapeau.
 A variation of tic-tac-toe, by flipping and sliding blocks, the object is to line up five in a row.

 2 or 4 players
 Ages 6+ 

Although, X's and O's on basic wood are the standard pattern, we can custom make a game with different shapes, colors and/or logos imprinted on the blocks.

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    Natural Wood with X's and O's - $22.95 + $4.95 shipping
   Painted Wood with X's and O's - $24.95 + $4.95 shipping
What color?
   Custom logos (see Red Sox/Yankees example) - $24.50 + $4.50 shipping (allow 2- 4 weeks, buyer might need to provide graphic to be imprinted)
    For custom logo please contact Sand Pond Craft Shop directly.

Shut the Box

Shut theboxRoll the dice, count the dots, use any combination to put down the tiles. Can you get a higher score than your opponent? How many tries will it take to put down all the numbers? This centuries old pub game can have any number of players.

Buyers have a choice of green, maroon, dark blue or light blue felt.

Buyers have a choice of 9 or 12 number tiles
for 1 or more players

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For 2 players
Double 9

Same game as above, except two players can play at the same time.

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9 number - $22.95 + $7.50 shipping

12 number - $24.95 + $7.50 shipping

Double 9 - $27.95 + $7.50 shipping

Choose the number of tiles
What color felt?
Road Block
Roadblock Move your pawn or put up a barrier? The object of RoadBlock is to get your pawn from one side of the board to the other, while blocking your   opponent from doing the same. This strategy game changes with every play.
Made from a selection of hardwoods.
  For 2 or 4 players
  Ages 6+
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  Price: $27.95 + $7.50 shipping

Another version of the popular game of Tic-Tac-Toe. Place a small, medium or large token on the board, if you placed a small or medium, your opponent could ChompIt! and claim that square. 

A quick mind and careful planning are needed to win this game!

2 or 4 players
Ages 5+

Price: $11.95 + $4.95 shipping

What color board
What color player #1?
What color player #2?

 A game of strategy in which after the pyramid is built you hope to have more blocks showing than your opponent. The twist in this game is that you can play either your cube or your opponent's.

For 2 players

Ages 5+

Price: $13.95 + $4.95 for shipping

3D Tic Tac Toe

A twist on the ever popular strategy game. Play your piece and get three in a row horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Many variations available determined by the players.

For 2 players - Ages 5+



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Price: $11.95 + $4.50 for shipping

Regular Tic Tac Toe

Place your piece one at a time in alternating turns. The first to get three in a row - wins!

 Price: $6.95 + $3.50 shipping


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