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Maine's - Interstate 95

Welcome to Maine Interstate 95. The first 109 miles of I-95 is also known as the Maine Turnpike. The turnpike was opened in    1947. Knownas “The Mile-A-Minute” highway, the Maine Turnpike was only one of two modern high speed toll highways at the time (the Pennsylvania Turnpike was the other). This was the first highway that allowed most Mainers to actually travel at 60 mph.
Today The Maine Turnpike isstill the main link to many parts of Maine.Only the first 109 miles of I-95 is toll. From Augusta northward I-95 is free of tolls. There are three barrier toll booths along the Maine Turnpike.The first (northbound) is in York. Cash toll is $2.00. Another barrier is north of Gray, toll is $1.75, and the final barrier is in Gardiner, toll is $1.25. Exits 44 & 52 have exit tolls. Most entry points north of York have a $1.00 toll entry fee. (We’ll explain tolls at each entry/exit point.) The Maine Turnpike also accepts EZ Pass. For many EZ Pass users there may be toll savings. Also watch for toll tips on our pages.

When traveling to Augusta, to save tolls, take exit 45 South Portland. (If Exit 45 is used instead of Exits 44 or 52, no exit tolls will be charged.) Follow the signs for I-295. Cash toll savings $2.00. There will be a $1.00 cash toll at West Gardiner.

In the pages that follow, we plan to explore the destinations accessible at all the exits along the Maine Turnpike and extending for the 200 miles to Houlton.

Below are all the exits along I-95. The first name after the exit number is the town in which the exit is located. Other towns in the list are all accessible from that exit, even though some may be a substantial distance. Click on each exit for more information.
If a town has already been researched, it will also be a clickable link.

Exits 1 though 52 also allow access to Points Along US Route 1, which runs parallel to I-95 along this southern corridor.

Exit 1 Kittery
Exit 2 Kittery
Exit 3 Kittery
Exit 7 York Exit 7Mile 8,Toll Plaza ($2.00)
Exit 19,Exit 19 Wells,Sanford,KennebunkportBerwicks,
Mile 25,Service Plaza
Exit 25,Kennebunk,KennebunkportSanford
Exit 32,Biddeford,SacoSanford
Exit 35,Saco,Old Orchard BeachFryeburg
Exit 42,Scarborough
Exit 44,Exit 44South Portland,PortlandInterstate 295,295 Points Along US Route 1
Exit 45,Exit 45South Portland,PortlandGorham,Points Along US Route 1
Exit 46,Portland,PortlandInternational Jetport (PWM),GorhamWestbrook
Exit 47,Westbrook,Gorham,Portland
Exit 48,Portland,Westbrook,North WindhamNaples,BridgtonFryeburg
Exit 52,
Exit 52
Falmouth SpurInterstate 295,295 Falmouth,Yarmouth
Exit 53, Falmouth,PortlandGray
Mile 58,Service Plaza
Exit 63,Gray,North WindhamYarmouthPoland Spring,OxfordNorway/South ParisBethel,Newry,New Hampshire Border
Mile 67,Toll Plaza ($1.75)
Exit 75,Auburn,Lewiston,Poland Spring,South Paris,Farmington,Kingfield,Carrabasset Valley (Sugarloaf Ski Area),Coburn Gore (Canadian Border),Rangeley
Exit 80,Lewiston,Lisbon,Topsham,Brunswick,Winthrop,
Exit 86,Sabattus,Winthrop,Lisbon,Topsham,Brunswick
Mile 101,Toll Plaza($1.25)
Exit 102,Gardiner,Hallowell
Exit 103,Gardiner,Hallowell
Mile 106,Maine Turnpikeends
Exit 108A,Augusta,Winthrop,Hallowell,Rockland,Points Along US Route 1
Exit 108B,(Southbound only) Augusta,Winthrop
Exit 112A,(Northboundonly) Augusta
Exit 112,Augusta,Belgrade,Farmington
Exit 113,Augusta,Belfast,Searsport,Points Along US Route 1
Exit 120,Sydney
Exit 127,Waterville,Winslow,Oakland,Belgrade,Farmington
Exit 130,Waterville,Winslow
Exit 132,Fairfield
Exit 133,Fairfield,Skowhegan,The Forks,Jackman
Exit 138,Clinton
Exit 150,Pittsfield
Exit 157,Newport,Greenville
Exit 158,Newport,Greenville
Exit 161,Plymouth,Newport
Exit 167,
Exit 174,Newburgh,Hampden
Exit 180,Hampden
Exit 182,Bangor,Brewer,EllsworthPointsAlongUS Route 1
Exit 183,Bangor,Brewer
Exit 184,Bangor,Bangor InternationalAirport (BIA)
Exit 185,Bangor,Brewer
Exit 186,Bangor,Brewer
Exit 187,Bangor
Exit 191,Orono,Old Town
Exit 193,Orono,Old Town
Exit 197,Old Town
Exit 199,NorthboundOnly Exit,SouthboundOnly Entry
Exit 217,Howland,Lincoln
Exit 227,Lincoln
Exit 244,Medway,Millinocket,Baxter State Park
Exit 259,NorthboundOnly Exit,SouthboundOnly Entry
Exit 264,Sherman,Fort Kent
Exit 276,Island Falls
Exit 286,Oakfield,Smyrna Mills,FortKent
Exit 291,
Exit 302,Houlton,MarsHill,Presque IslePointsAlong US Route 1
Exit 305,Houlton
Mile 306,Canadian Border

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